About Me

I have a bachelors degree in (classical) music composition from California State University Northridge (CSUN).  I worked as a musician during and after college, playing in bands, teaching piano, playing for ballet classes, parties and whatever other gigs I could get. I composed music for several video games, which eventually led me into high tech as my ‘day job’.  After that I stopped writing and performing professionally, but kept music as a hobby.  In the last few years I have gotten more serious about getting back into writing – not with expectations of becoming the next great thing – but because I love writing and recording music.

I write primarily classic rock, though I am currently focusing on country music and have written in other styles – mostly Jazz and classical.  I am working on a musical, and will eventually try some pop and hip hop.

As I look back at the music that is out there under my name, I have to cringe.  What was I thinking 😦 I have a lot to learn!  Well, this blog will try to expose what I was thinking, and what I am learning now.  I am having fun being back on this journey, and I hope you enjoy it too.