Technical Writing Samples

In addition to all of the music related stuff on this site, I also work as a technical writer.  Below are a few recent writing samples. I focus primarily on product documentation (including user guides, API documentation and similar), educational material, and marketing communications (including fliers, training materials, sales decks and similar).  I also write articles and blogs.


Project Management Book Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a project management book I am writing. This section is from chapter 1, which covers requirements gathering and project constraints.




This flier was for a fundraising campaign by a non-profit that offers therapeutic riding to people with physical and mental disabilities.  The goal was to make an emotional connection with potential donors who were both horse lovers and felt empathy towards disabled children.

 Sell Sheet For Security Startup

Sell Sheet

This sell sheet was aimed at owners of small businesses and non-profits who might be interested in taking advantage of the client’s free cyber security related services.  We needed to educate the business owners on the risk they faced, as well as make it clear that this was a legitimate free service from a non-profit, not some sort of scam.


Press Release / Award

This award was given out by a cyber-security firm in recognition of an individual’s efforts to raise awareness about cyber crime and its impact on the local community.  The company giving out the award needed me to write a brief bio of the recipient and integrate their statistics, so that the text could also be used in a press release.  The final version also had signatures and logos of the awarding parties at the bottom.



This is an example of a resume that I helped a client with.  We shortened his original resume and focused on getting his key points across quickly to managers who were likely to scan the page, not read the whole resume.

We also made sure to include appropriate keywords so that resume scanning software would score him high for the job he wanted.


Script for a Training Video

This script is part of a project management course I wrote. The course was written for students age 17-19 who wished to get internships as project managers with software companies.

Each chapter starts with a short introductory video, then has a set of discussions, role-playing exercises and hands-on assignments.  We felt the traditional lecture/assignment/quiz format would not work, and we needed very creative interactive lessons.



Integration Guide (calling a REST API)

This is an integration guide for software engineers, showing how to call a REST API to create and get users for a SaaS platform.  This was an early version and the sample code was HTML, Javascript and PHP.  The back end was written in Java.

This version of the API used XML, which was changed to JSON in later releases.


This is a simple tutorial about how to create a 3D environment using a custom 3D editor.  This is just one feature in a much bigger authoring tool package.